Vastedda della valle del Belìce PDO

spun paste cheese Vastedda della Valle del Belìce PDO
  probably the only one, but certainly the Vastedda valle del Belìce PDO is one of the very few spun paste sheep's milk cheese.
Its taste is particular, typical of fresh sheep's cheese, with slightly acidic and never spicy characteristic.
Its texture is white, compact, with some streaks due to artisanal spinning. The characteristic focaccia shape, with its slightly convex faces, makes the Vastedda unforgettable.

as stated in the production specifications:

  The Vastedda valle del Belìce PDO must have a diameter between 15 and 17 cm. and a height of the side between 3 and 4 cm. Its weight must be between 500 and 700 gr., in relation to the size of the wheel, and have a surface without rind, ivory white, smooth compact without pitting or folds.

sheep milk cheese Vastedda della Valle del Belìce PDO
  The paste is homogeneous white, smooth, not grainy, with possible hints of streaks due to artisanal spinning.
The holes must be absent or very scarce, as well as the exudation, while the aroma is that characteristic of fresh sheep's milk with a sweet, fresh and pleasant flavor, with slightly acidic characteristic.
Its percentage of fat is not less than 35% on dry matter, while that of sodium chloride does not exceed 5% on dry matter.

  The vastedda of the Belìce valley has interesting organoleptic qualities.
Its protein content is higher than other types of fresh sheep cheeses. This primacy is due to its particular processing, in fact the spinning process generates a washout of the fat, which for the same weight, provides an increase in the proteins ammount.
For this reason it is an excellent source of nutrients, especially proteins, fat-soluble vitamins and mineral salts such as phosphorus and calcium.
In addition, the low concentration of fat makes it a highly digestible and light food.

Nutritional values ​​(per 100g of product) :
- Energy value 239 Kcal (999 KJ)
- Humidity 53,15%
- Proteins 26g
- Fat 25g
- NaCL 0,77g
- Na 0,67g
- Ca 870mg
- CLA 68mg
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