Vastedda del Belìce PDI is back on television on the LA7 program

Third edition of Mica pizza e fichi , the cooking program in which writers and writers are ready to taste the menus of the greatest pizza chefs in Italy.
In episode number 15, The Vastedda del Belìce PDO appeared on TV with Pierangelo Chifari's pizza.

Pontolivo Mica Pizza e Fichi with Pierangelo Chifari

500 gr Petra Evolutiva flour
350 gr water
10 gr salt
25 gr mother yeast
10 gr extra virgin olive oil
San Marzano tomato
Vastedda del belice PDO
Fresh basil

In a bowl, pour 500 grams of flour, 350 grams of water, the yeast and a pinch of salt, then begin to mix the three ingredients creating a raw dough, leave the mass to rest for a day covered with the bowl.
Meanwhile, fry the aubergines in abundant oil at 180 degrees, previously cut into strips.
Roll out the dough and season with tomato, an emulsion of garlic oil, the mint and then put in the oven for 1- 2 minutes.
On leaving, garnish with grated Vastedda del Belice, fried aubergines and fresh basil.

  Among the fundamental characteristics of Vastedda della Valle del Belìce there is the use of raw sheep's milk obtained from free and spontaneous grazing farms..
As stated in the production disciplinary, the milk to be made from cheese comes from Valle del Belìce sheep fed with fresh fodder, hay and straw of excellent quality, wheat stubble and vegetative by-products such as grass along the rows of vineyards, pruning branches olive tree, prickly pear cladodes, grape leaves after the harvest.
Excluded from the production process, all GMOs, feed and those derivatives of animal origin that alter the biological factors of sheep.
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