The Vastedda della Valle del Belìce is easily recognizable by its characteristic shape and ivory color. Its delicate flavor can be enhanced if it is accompanied with other Mediterranean essences..

La Vastedda goes well with all dishes of the Mediterranean gastronomic culture.

Excellent eaten alone or accompanied with a seasonal salad, especially if tasted together with a good glass of red wine.
recipe Vastedda della Valle del Belìce PDO
 Vastedda della Valle del Belìce is an excellent source of nutrients, especially proteins, fat-soluble vitamins and mineral salts. Its particular processing technique causes the fat to wash out during the pasta stretching process and the consequent increase, for the same weight, of the proteins present. This also determines a marked lightness of the cheese and greater digestibility.

Vastedda della Valle del Belìce DOP in the kitchen

recipe sciatt Vastedda della Valle del Belìce PDO

Sciatt alla Vastedda del Belìce dop

Ingredients: Vastedda, flour, grappa, carbonated water, brewer's yeast, red radicchio, Roman salad, oil, vinegar, salt
Prepare a batter with the flour, yeast, grappa and lots of sparkling mineral water, in order to obtain a creamy but dense mixture.
Heat the oil in a large pot, meanwhile cut the Vastedda into 2 cm cubes. When the oil is hot, dip one diced Vastedda at time into the batter by means of a spoon. Dip everything in the boiling oil, trying to smudge a bit of dough like a tadpole's tail.
Wait for each pancake to swell and take on a nice golden color, then drain them in a colander.
Cover a serving dish with chopped red radicchio and seasoned with the mixed salad, oil, salt and vinegar. Finally, lay the drained pancakes on top.

Vastedda del Belìce DOP with eggs and green asparagus

Proposed by
Ingredients: 200g of Vastedda della Valle del Belìce DOP, 4 green asparagus from Mesola, 2 eggs, butter, salt, white pepper
Wash the asparagus by removing the hard white part. Cut them lengthwise into thin, matchstick strips.
Melt the butter without heating it too much in a small tin-plated copper pan, trying to grease the entire surface.
Put the eggs in the pan and cover them with the Vastedda della Valle del Belìce cut into discs.
Place the asparagus on top and season with salt and white pepper. Cover the pan with a lid or, better still, with aluminum foil.
Cook over low heat for a few minutes, making sure that the yolk remains raw but that the egg white forms the classic white skin.
Consume the dish directly in the pan so that the heat is not lost

Pesce spada alla Vastedda del Belice dop

Proposed by Leon d'Oro Restaurant
Vastedda della valle Belìce Ingredients: Vastedda, swordfish steak, breadcrumbs, cherry tomatoes, oregano, oil, salt
In a pan, brown the swordfish steak together with the chopped cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and salt.
Remove the swordfish from the heat, cover with a thin layer of toasted breadcrumbs and a few slices of Vastedda del Belìce, return to the pan and let it melt for a few minutes.
Finally, add very little oregano and serve on a flat, wide plate.

Seasoned bread (pani cunzatu)

Ingredients: Vastedda, bread, tomato, oil, oregano and basil
Cut the bread in half, season it with extra virgin olive oil, salt, oregano and some salted anchovy fillets.
Finally, lay a few slices of Vastedda del Belìce and the diced tomato.

Vastedda alla Caterina

Vastedda della Valle Belìce Ingredients: Vastedda, basil, tomato, capers, extra virgin olive oil, wine vinegar and salt
Slice both the Vastedda and the tomatoes. Break up the basil and desalt the capers under running water.
Arrange all the ingredients on a plate and season with olive oil, vinegar and a pinch of salt.
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