Results of Consortium

Denominazione d'origine protetta   Since 2001, birth of consortium, the vastedda production is increased year by year.
50 members involved in the production chain with 8 dairy farms enrolled on control program.
Manufacturers of PDO Vastedda

vastedda della valle Belìce The numbers say more than 248 quintals of quality product produced in 2015.
Thanks to the promotionals activities carryed out by the consortium and the PDO certification obtained in the 2010, the production of Vastedda PDO reached a peak of 170 quintals in 2012, an increment of 140% from far 2008. The good results were confirmed in the following years, through an increase of 45% in 2015 compared to the 2012 results.

The Vastedda della valle Belìce DOP is no longer a product of local consumption, winning 30% of the extra-regional market.
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vastedda della valle Belìce

vastedda della valle Belìce
  A lot of promotion and enhancement activities carried out by the consortium for the protection of Vastedda della valle Belìce DOP, have contributed to obtain these results.

The current year has already pointed out an increase over the previous. Considering the potentialities, next years will certainly increase the numbers at production and sales.