Raw milk from Valle del Belice sheeps, reared an fed mainly on free grazing.
The Vastedda is hand-crafted from Sicilian cheese makers, aided by a micro-flora autochthonous dairy, they are able to spin the Sheep tuma.
The historical equipment and all their mastery are needed to adapt the spinning technique to sheep milk from which we obtain the Vastedda.

Denominazione d'origine protetta The manufacturers of Vastedda della valle del Belìce PDO are subjected to checks carried out by IZS in accordance with the product specification of Cheese Vastedda the valley of the Belice and the control plan approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.
The consortium, appointed by MIPAAF, provides the entry in registers of all stakeholders involved in the production process and ensures the proper use of the designation of origin.
Disciplinare di produzione Dispositivo di Controllo

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Manufacturers list

Dairy farm Cucchiara Liborio

c/da Torretta, Salemi (TP)
Tel. 333 3419865

Are so many years that Cucchiara brothers company operates in the zootechnics area and more specifically in the high quality dairy production.
Passion for animals, hard work and determination to conquer new goals are our distinctive that led us to satisfy the cheese consumer. Thus we say, quality comes first (try it).

Dairy farm Giocondo Laura

Corso Umberto I n.30, Poggioreale (TP)
Tel. 320 4835107

The dairy farm Antichi Sapori, was Giocondo Laura, is the brainchild of two young, Lorenzo and Simona, both students in Science and Technology of Animal Production, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 'University of Pisa.
Our passion for animals has led us to begin this challenging work with a different perspective from the other farmers, satisfied only by profit as the only reason of work.

Dairy farm Mangiaracina Melchiorre

c/da Galluzzo, Sambuca di Sicilia (AG)
Tel. 333 3618506

"Massaria Ruvettu" rises to 600 meters above sea level in the countryside of Sambuca di Sicilia, at the mount Adranone foot, archaeological site and nature reserve "Genuardo-Monte Santa Maria del Bosco". Masseria Ruvettu boasts a wonderful panoramic on Sambuca city, Sambuca Zabut until 1928, the Arancio lake and the Selinuntina's coast. It's surrounded by woods, vineyards, olive groves and mediterranean maquis.

Dairy farm Cangemi

Vicolo Battumari 15, Partanna (TP)
Tel. 0924 921 454

Dairy farm Todaro Massimo

c/da Pìgnolo, Santa Margherita di Belìce (Ag)
Tel. 339 3464087

The dairy farm Todaro transforms raw milk into tipical and PDO cheeses including Vastedda della Valle del Belìce DOP and Pecorino Siciliano DOP.

Dairy farm Roccella

c/da Roccella, Contessa Entellina (PA)
Tel. 091 8355144

Dairy farm Interrante Salvatore

c/da Cinquanta, Menfi (AG)
Tel. 338 3348447