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vastedda della valle Belìce

Valle del Belìce

vastedda della Valle del Belìce DOP   The Belìce valley belongs at the west of Sicily, intersection area for territories of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento.
Along these lands the river Belìce flows for 77 Km, born where the two branches, right Belìce and left Belìce, merge their flows.
Belice river flows along the valley, crossing diversified and heterogeneous territories. Wheat crops, olives and vines contrasting to sandy soils, thermal springs and palm trees. All natural characteristics that give reason to the story, very old, when has flourished the Phoenician and Sicana civilization first, then Hellenic civilization.
But still this territories are a natural source of wealth. Here we produce the Vastedda della Valle del Belìce, in the Gattopardo's countries, with its agrifood products and its autochthonous breed farms.
As required in the Product regulations, all raw materials are obtained inside this area, its requirements clearly reflect the aim to give a precedence to the tradition and territorial ties over everything else.
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vastedda della valle Belìce

  The vastedda originates in the territories of Santa Margherita Belice, Contessa, Sambuca, Memphis, and Partanna Montevago.

Today, according to the strict regulations, the geographical area of sheep rearing, dairy production, transformation and packaging of cheese Vastedda Valle del Belice PDO, is included within the administrative districts of the following municipalities:

Area of Agrigento:
Caltabellotta, Menfi, Montevago, Sambuca di Sicilia, Santa Margherita di Belìce e Sciacca.

Area of Trapani:
Calatafimi, Campobello di Mazara, Castelvetrano, Gibellina, Partanna, Poggioreale, Salaparuta, Salemi, Santa Ninfa e Vita.

Area of Palermo:
Contessa Entellina e Bisacquino in the locality called "San Biagio".

vastedda della valle Belìce